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Seerat e Nabi Makki Daor

Seerat Un Nabi Makki Daur Period and Shajra Nasab with Picture Diagram Urdu Book PDF Download or read online. Islamic and Arab history understand with pictures in Urdu. Read Shajanasab Nabi karee sale wale wa salam. The best and most famous online Islamic ebooks are available here. This is the most best Islamic History book on Seerat e tayyib which tells the makki dor biography of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Seerat Un Nabi, also known as the Biography of the Prophet, is a comprehensive account of the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The term “Makki Daur” refers to the period of the Prophet’s life when he resided in the city of Mecca. The life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can be divided into two main periods: the Makki period and the Madini period.

Makki Daur (The Makkan Period):
The Makki Daur spans approximately 13 years and covers the time from the beginning of Prophet Muhammad’s prophethood until his migration to the city of Medina. During this period, the Prophet received revelations from Allah through the angel Gabriel, which were later compiled to form the Quran.

The Makki period was characterized by several important events and challenges. Initially, the Prophet preached the message of monotheism and the oneness of God, calling people to abandon idolatry and worship the one true God. He faced opposition from the Quraysh, the dominant tribe in Mecca, who resisted his teachings and subjected his followers to persecution.

Despite the hardships, the number of believers gradually increased, and the Prophet continued to spread the message of Islam. Some notable events during the Makki period include the Night Journey (Isra and Mi’raj), where the Prophet traveled to Jerusalem and ascended to the heavens, meeting with previous prophets.

The Makki Daur concluded with the migration of Prophet Muhammad and his followers to Medina in 622 CE, which is known as the Hijra. This event marks the beginning of the Islamic lunar calendar and a significant turning point in the history of Islam (Kulfahy Rashdin).

Madini Daur (The Madinan Period):
The Madini Daur refers to the period of the Prophet’s life after his migration to Medina. It covers the remaining ten years of his life until his passing in 632 CE. During this phase, the Prophet established a Muslim community in Medina and acted as both a spiritual leader and a statesman.

In Medina, the Prophet (PBUH) formulated treaties and alliances with various tribes, creating a peaceful and harmonious society. He also engaged in several military campaigns to defend the Muslim community and spread the message of Islam to neighboring regions.

Throughout his life, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) demonstrated exemplary character, wisdom, and compassion, leaving a profound impact on the world. His teachings and actions continue to guide and inspire millions of Muslims around the globe.

Seerat Un Nabi provides a detailed account of both the Makki and Madini periods of the Prophet’s life, chronicling his life’s events, teachings, and interactions with his companions and opponents. It is considered a valuable source of knowledge for those seeking to understand the life and legacy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). You may read Seerat un Nabvi books in Urdu.

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