Seerat E Mansoor Hallaj By Ashraf Ali Thanwi PDF Free Download


سیرت منصور حلاج

Seerat E Mansoor Hallaj  By Ashraf Ali Thanwi

Free download or read online  Biography Book “Seerat E Mansoor Hallaj” written By maulana Zafar Ahmed Usmain and Ashraf Ali Thanwi. A book about  Life of Mansur al-Hallaj in Urdu Biography of Mansoor Hallaj The most dubious figure ever, Abu ‘l-Moghith al-Hosain ibn Mansur al-Hallaj was conceived C. 244 (858) close al-Baiza’ in the region of Fars. He voyaged broadly, first to Tostar and Baghdad, then to Mecca, and a short time later to Khuzestan, Khorasan, Transoxiana, Sistan, India and Turkistan. In the end he came back to Baghdad, where his strong proclaiming of union with God made him be captured on a charge of incarnations.he was sentenced to death and savagely executed on 29 Dhu ‘l-Qa’da 309 (28 March 9i3). Writer of various books and a significant volume of verse, he passed into Muslim legend as the model of the inebriated partner of God.  



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