Saqib by Salma Awan Urdu Novel Free Download


Saqib Novel in Urdu PDF by Salma Awan 


 سلمہ اعوان
Free download PDF copy Novel “Saqib” authored by Salma Awan, This is a second novel of this writer published in 1968. The story around Pakistan Indian war, the principle plot of the novel is woven around a flying corps pilot who laid his life in guarding his homeland. The novel is isolated into two sections, one depends on the division of sub-mainland in 1947. The fundamental character is lost and gets isolated from her family. She endures a considerable measure of hardships and confronts issues in another conceived nation. When she meets her family, her child is chosen as a military pilot in Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and at last laid his life for his nation total 236 pages and PDF file size 13 MB only.  

Saqib Novel in Urdu PDF by Salma Awan

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