Sangeeta Cigarette Aur Sharab by Ahmed Yaar Khan Crime Stories PDF


سنگیتا شراب اور سگریٹ
 احمد یار خان

Sangeeta Cigarette Aur Sharab
Sangeeta Cigarette aur Sharab written by Ahmed Yaar Khan, this is a free copy in PDF for download or read online. There are true seven crime punishment and investigation sensitive short stories in local Urdu language (juram wa saza aur sorag rasani ki sachi kahaian) “Sangeeta” is beautiful girl name and character this true crime and investigation novel and “Cigarette”, a small paper tube filled with cut pieces of tobacco, which people smoke and “Sharab” English meaning means Wine a mixed drink which is generally produced using grapes, however, can likewise be produced using different organic products or blooms. It is made by aging the organic product with water and sugar Rooh K Rishty Aur Maqtul Ki Badroh PDF downloads or read on the web. This is a Crime and Intelligence related long and genuine Urdu Novels by Ahmed Yaar Khan.This is the tale of adoration in which the sweetheart perpetrated a hostile wrongdoing and the creator resigned DSP Mr. Ahmed Yar Khan examined the case and followed out the genuine guilty parties of wrongdoing. He has portrayed the entire fascinating Urdu story. This book as long as 256 pages and download file size 2.9 MB. You can also read Qazi Ki Kotrhi Kawanri Beti aur Super Laboratory.

The following below novelette in Urdu:

  • Sangeeta Cigarette aur Sharab
  • Khandan Ki Wapasi
  • Mareeza Aur Maseeha
  • Dil ka Mamla
  • Jhumkoon Ki Jorhi
  • Mamta Ki Maut
  • Aah Jo Dil Se Nikli
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