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Saltanat e Usmania PDF is a wonderful Urdu book written by Muhammad al-Salabi in which all the events of the rise, and fall of the Turkish Saltanat are described in detail. The book also mentions the movements that arose during this period. There is also mention of the cultural, religious, and political abilities of the Turks. This is a translation of an Arabic book called “Daula Tul Usmania”. Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Kaliar undertook the task of translating it and carried out this task in an efficient manner. In this PDF history book, you will find all the important events from the beginning to the end of Saltanat e Usmania.

Saltanat e Usmania PDF urdu book front cover

Details of Saltanat e Usmania PDF:

No. of Volumes: 1

Author Name: Muhammad al-Salabi (Translated by Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Kaliar)

Category: Turk History, Islamic History Book

Number of pages: 602

PDF Book Name: Saltanat e Usmania Urdu book

Publisher: Zia ul Quran Publications, Karachi, Pakistan

Language: Urdu

PDF File Size: 18 MB

Important information about the book:

Saltanat e Usmania PDF is the Urdu translation of the book “Daula Tul Usmania” by the famous Arab historian Muhammad Al-Salabi. The author has described the different periods of the history of the Usmani sultans in great detail. He also described their decline as a result of deviation from the divine religion, the beginning of their decline, and the Crusaders’ attacks on Islamic lands. The conquests of the Crusaders, the helplessness of the Islamic world, Western conspiracies, Jewish machinations, the Masonic movements, and patriotic leaders have also played a major role in the decline. All of these themes are beautifully illustrated in the history book. The PDF covers its subject and leaves no trace of Usmania history.

List of important topics in Saltanat e Usmania book:

  • Usmania ancestors and their homeland.
  • Turks accept Islam and services.
  • Civilization, science, and art services.
  • Participation in jihad and wars against the Byzantine rulers.
  • Important series of Usmania conquests.
  • Usmania domination of various parts of Europe.

The reason for the decline of the Saltanat e Usmania:

The real reason for the downfall of this great Saltanat that ruled the whole world for 700 years was the deviation from the divine command. As they drifted away from Islamic teachings and indulged in luxuries, the situation became more difficult for them. Crusaders began to occupy Muslim-majority areas. Muslims became helpless and helpless. In addition, the betrayal of the Jews, the internal conspiracies, and the Masonic movements are also the main reasons for the weakness of the Saltanat e Usmania. All of these events are beautifully described in this book.

So if you want to know and understand all these facts of Saltanat e Usmania then this PDF book can be very important for you. Download it now and study all these events in detail. Don’t forget to share this book with your friends and loved ones.

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