Sair e Natamaam by Abu Yahya Travelogue of Turkey & Australia PDF


Abu Yahya’s Safarnama Free Download PDF Book  in Urdu 

 سیرِ ناتمام

ابو یحییٰ

Sair e Natamaam by Abu Yahya

This second Edition book of “Khol Ank Zameen Diak” now the title name of this Urdu Safarnama literature “Sair e Natamaam” means (The Unfinished Journey) now free download or read online Urdu travelogue story of Abu Yahya to Turkey and Australia. The Educational and Fiction Traveluge of Turkey (Safarnama Turkey) and travel story (Safarnama) of Australia.  A live message for all Muslim Ummah read detail history and complete general knowledge about these countries and areas author Share to us Islamic views and Recommendations, Experiments, Suggestion and point out our mistake and talk about Muslims history and write new interesting stories capture during in this travel introduction of new things in this book. This is two travel stories first start from May Jun 2016 and second travel start in September October 2016.   Abu Yahya is the famous Islamic  Scholar. He writes many other famous books like Jab Zindagi Shuru Hogi (When Life Begins), Teesri Roshni,  Akhri Jang and more.  Now study this book online or download PDF file 2 MB along 280 pages. Available all Abu Yahya books in this blog.
Travelogue Turkey Australia Urdu
Travel of Turkey Urdu

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