Safar Nama e Pakistan By Camy Meerpua Travelogue Urdu Book

Safar Nama e Pakistan

Safarnama e Pakistan Travelogue Urdu book Translated by Muhammad Hassan. Travel to Pakistan written by Kemi Mir Poya. Free download or read online from this blog and read a lot of Pakistani Local book in PDF format. This book about the story of the journey to Pakistan by Kemi Mir Poya. this international traveller and book writer. A romanticized variant of movement in Pakistan American writer Camy Meerpua, who visited Pakistan in the mid-1950s, initially for half a month, eventually wound up in remaining in this nation for around seven years. She appeared to have experienced passionate feelings for Pakistan, its diverse areas, its kin, their ways of life and friendly habits, its recorded and archaeological destinations, for example, Moenjodaro, Harappa and Taxila, which persuaded her to broaden her stay for up to seven years. Resultantly she utilized her upscale pen to envelop her encounters in a book structure and a way that indicated her much partiality to this nation. In her travelogue, Camy Meerpua has composed feelingly about Pakistani landmass and its kin, particularly those living in Karachi and Lahore, where she was generally welcomed by them. She has adulated the approachable way of the general population who went even in reverse and left no stone unturned to give her a wide range of offices that made her stay in Pakistan agreeable, charming and important. Amid her initial couple of days’ stay in Karachi, a city at that point was really taking shape of a megalopolis (five decades prior), she appreciated gathering individuals in the city, in inns, at clubs and ocean shorelines, where she utilized all methods of transportation, including rides on camel’s back. Now download this book is in Urdu version from below links. You may be read Ghair Mulki Sayyah Ka Safar Nama e Lahore and Safar Toronto Canada Ka by Kainat Bashir.
سفرنامہء پاکستان

 کیمی میرپوا

ترجمہ: محمد محسن

Pakistan Travelogue Urdu Book

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