Sachal Sarmast Jo Sindhi Kalam by Usman Ali Ansari


سچل سائين جو سنڌي ڪلام

عثمان علی انصاری
Free download or read online Sindhi  poetry book “Sachal Sarmast Jo Sindhi Kalam” written By  Sachal Sar Mast. Composed by Usman Ali Ansari.  This beautiful Book contains his Sindhi Kalam “Sachal Sar Mast Ju Sindhi Kalam”.Sachal Sarmast (1739 – 1829)  a Sufi artist from Sindh . During the Kalhoro/Talpur era of Sindh. He was built-in in Daraza, abreast Ranipur, Sindh. His absolute name Abdul Wahab Farouqi and “Sachal” or “Sachoo”, his nicknames. He acclimated this pen-name in his poetry. Sachu which agency ‘truthful’ – while in Sindhi Sarmast agency ‘ecstatic’ in Sindhi and Urdu alike. Sachal Sarmast actually agency ‘truthful mystic’ or can be translated as “Ecstatic Saint of Truth”. Sachal’s ancestor had died, if he was a child, he was after aloft by his uncle, Abdul Haqq who as well became his airy master. He affiliated her daughter, but the adolescent woman died two years later. He never remarried. It is said that he never larboard Daraza, the apple of his birth.Sachal Sarmast was an agog addict of Wahdat-ul-Wujood (unity of existence), an Islamic Aesthetics alike with Hamah Oost (all from One). Sachal says (translation by Gul Agha): Sachal’s aboriginal abstract of poetry, calm with his biography, philosophy, estimation of the agreeable modes, and glossary: Sachal jo Risalo by Agha Sufi.

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