Saboot Hazir Hay Witten by Mateen Khalid

ثبوت حاضر ہیں

 از محمد متین خالد

Saboot Hazir Hay By Witten by Mateen Khalid

Free Download or read online book Saboot Hazir Hay By Witten by Mateen Khalid.Qadianism (Ahmadism) is a pseudo faith whose initiative endeavors its ingredients socially, mentally and fiscally. The pioneers of this gathering have possessed the capability to keep up their authority over their long-established elements via foul play, copyright infringement, remorseless and brutal order. This gathering intends to take the personality of Islam through confounding the primary wellsprings of Islam. The incentive at the back of this website is to uncover the systems and consistent misrepresentations of this gathering.


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