Saans Ki Bimarian Aur Ilaj-e-Nabvi by Dr.Khalid Gaznavi


Urdu Health And Treatment Book PDF Download

سانس کی بیماریاں اور علاج نبوی

 ڈاکٹر خالد غزنوی

Free download Saans Ki Bimarian Aur Elaj-e-Nabvi Authored by Dr.Khalid Gaznavi, Read health book in Urdu language, Discuss and information about different types of Human diseases, are Chronic Rhinitis, Chronic Atrophic Rhinitis (Ozaena), Nasal Polyus, Epistaxis, tonsillitis, Pharyngitis, Bronchiectasis, Pneumonias, Emphysema, Lungs Abscess, Lungs cancer, Diagnosis of Chest Diseases through X-rays. Read in Urdu total 382 pages and PDF file size 10.9 MB.
Urdu Health And Treatment Book PDF Download

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