Saadi Naama Saadi’s Gulistan and Bostan in Punjabi Free Book


سعدی نامہ
 گلستان + بوستان

پنجابی ترجمہ

 محمد شریف صابر

Download Pdf Urdu book SAADI NAMA prose adaptation of Saadi’s Bostan and Gulistan by Muhammad Shareef Sabir Publishers, Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture, Punjabi Complex, 1.Gadhafi Stadium, Ferozepur Road, Lahore. Sheikh Musharrafuddin Muslehuddin Saadi (1184-1291 AD) was an inferior abreast of an ancestor of Punjabi poetry, Baba Farid Shakarganj. He was built-in in Shiraz area his academic ancestor was in the account of adjudicator Atabek Saad bin Zangi, appropriately he took Saadi as his pen name. His books in Persian were the allotment of the class accomplished in the subcontinent during the Sultanate and the Mughal aeon and even in the Sikh aeon of Punjab, Kashmir and Pakhtunkhwa. Appropriately his accepted books Gulistan and Bostan accept been translated in abounding languages of the region, including Punjabi book and poetry, but Shareef does not like to accredit names of translators and rejects all those after any solid reason. 

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