Roshni se Ilaj (Treatment from light) PDF Book

روشنی سے علاج 

حکیم اضغر علی اعجاز
Roshni se Ilaj (Treatment from light) by Hakeem Asger Ali

Roshni se Ilaj (treatment with solar light) written by haji Hakeem Asger Ali Ahjaz Chishti, read online and free download PDF format in the Urdu Language. This is Hikmat related Urdu book,In this book topics are Rang and Roshani, Electron and galaxy, the benefits and harmful of sunlight and colours , how to get energy from sun, treatment from light and colours, Making oil from sunlight, Amraz ka ilaj, type of fever, relation between heart and cosmic rays, magnetic field and health, heart failure,cancer and gul sad barg, good and harmful foods and disease, diseases of liver, blood pressure, Sexual diseases problem in male, Skin health, gurdy ka illaj. Read more download complete book visit given below links.

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