Rooh Ka Rog By Dr. Mumtaz Husain and Rashida Tabussum Urdu Books


روح کا روگ

ڈاکٹر ممتاز حسین بٹھی

  راشدہ تبسم

Free download or apprehend online addition absorbing Pdf Urdu book “Rooh Ka Rog” and apprehend 12 accurate belief of psychologically aberrant peoples in your own Urdu language. “Rooh Ka Rog” is the appellation name of this Urdu book which is the accumulating of 12 Urdu stories. You may alarm this book as atypical, but the belief in this atypical are not cocky created fictions. 5 belief of “Rooh Ka Rog” atypical is, in fact, the cases of an MBBS doctor Mr. Mumtaz Hussain Bhatti who believes in old medical treatment. Doctor Mumtaz Hussain Believes that abounding concrete diseases accept cerebral affidavit and afterwards the analysis of cerebral diseases, the concrete diseases can not be treated. Therefore if anyone does not alleviate from the concrete ache again the Doctor goes through his ancestors accomplishments and his activity troubles. Mr. Nasrullah Qureshi has accounted all 5 the belief of the cases of Dr. Mumtaz Hussain Bhatti. The blow of 7 belief of this atypical is accounting by Ms. Rashida Tabassum who is an adept of attitude and has a huge acquaintance of spending time with cerebral aberrant ladies. All the 12 belief of Rooh Ka Rog atypical are account reading. This atypical may apprehension your own cerebral facts/diseases. This book as well has to apprehend for Doctors. Rooh Ka Rog atypical may accompany an absolute change in your life. Rooh Ka Rog Pdf Urdu atypical is an actuality in Pdf architecture and as continued as 202 pages with bright affectation and with a baby deejay admeasurement of 3.50 MB only. To download or apprehend online Rooh Ka Rog book. 

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