Razia Sultana By Khan Asif Urdu Novel Online Download PDF

Razia Sultana by Khan Asif Urdu novel read online or download in PDF format from this website. The Urdu Patriotic novel Razia Sultana Novel Pdf is a wonderful history Urdu story by way of a well-known Khan Asif. It is fairly a biography of the first woman ruler of the Dehli Sultanate. She became the daughter of Shams Ud Din Iltumish. After the death of his father, she regarded the throne of Dehli in 1236.
This book Razia Sultana Novel Pdf is any such masterpiece of the writer about her whole life. In the year 1240, her half-brother Muiz Ud Din Barham removed her from the throne illegally. While getting lower back the throne, Razia Sultana indulged together with her brother but, was defeated and killed.
She turned into a first-rate warrior and had superb navy skills. She married Malik Altunia who becomes the governor of Bhatinda. Khan Asif is the author of the e-book Razia Sultana Novel Pdf. The creator of this ancient novel is a longtime Urdu novelist who has some first-rate books on his credit.
He additionally penned the biographies of well-known Muslim personalities. Most of the novels are about Islam and Muslim leaders. We hope you may like the ebook Razia Sultana Novel in Pdf. Now get a free pdf record replica from the links.
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