Raw Ki Sazish by A Hameed Novel PDF


Raw Ki Sazish by A Hameed Novel PDF Download. Hameed’s novel “Raw Ki Sazish” is a detective novel set in the backdrop of the tension between Pakistan and India in the 1970s. The main character of the novel is a Pakistani spy named Ra and he is conducting an important operation against the Indian secret agency “RAW.

The Raw Ki Sazish novel begins with Ra’s secret meeting in which he tells his officials about an Indian conspiracy. The Indian government is plotting to weaken Pakistan and bring it under its influence. Under the conspiracy, the Indian government is trying to interfere in Pakistan’s internal affairs and destroy its economy.

را کی سازش ناول از اے حمید

Raw’s is tasked with an important task to thwart this plot. He needs to find the secret contacts of the Indians and expose their plans. RAW succeeds in his task and foils the plot of the Indians.

The Raw Ki Sazish novel ends with the victory of Pakistan. The success of RAW threatens the integrity and security of Pakistan. The novel is a symbol of Pakistani nationalism and freedom struggle.

Overall, “Raw’s Conspiracy” is an interesting and intriguing detective novel. This novel occupies an important place in Pakistani literature. Maut Ka Teh Khanna and Sapnon Ki Maut by Hameed Jhelumi Thai Novel in Urdu Commando Boy Series 3 PDF.


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