Qartaba Ki Khamosh Azanein By A Hameed

قرطبہ کی خاموش اذانیں
 از اے حمید

Qartaba Ki Khamosh Azanein By A Hameed


Free download or read online  history Book “Qartaba Ki Khamosh Azanein” written By  A Hameed. Spain is the greatest nation of Europe. It is a protected government with Madrid as its capital. In Muslim history, Spain is likewise recalled by its two different names, Andulus and Hispania. Muslims ruled Spain with full beauty and magnificence for around eight centuries. It is they who changed over it into the most socialized and the most beguiling land on the planet.  Abdul Hameed ( 1928 – 29 April 2011) was an Urdu fiction essayist from Pakistan, who composed in excess of two hundred books.hameed’s first gathering of short stories got well known recognition. Separated from composing short stories and books he composed sections for national daily papers. He likewise composed for radio and television.He has composed more than 200 books. Urdu She’r Ki Dastan, Urdu Nasr ki Dastan (in which he has given data about the exposition writing of numerous Urdu composition authors from Banda Nawas gesu Draz to the late composition essayists of Daccen and Gugrat), Mirza Ghalib, Dastango Ashfaq Ahmad and Mirza Ghalib Lahore mai are his most renowned books.His dramatization Ainak Wala Jin was prominent with kids in the 1990s. Besides his dream arrangement of 100 books for youngsters known as the Ambar Naag Maria Series expanded his prevalence. He was honored Pride of Performance by the Government of Pakistan. 


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