Punjab Ka Muqadma By Muhammad Hanif Ramay Book PDF

Punjab Ka Muqadma
Punjab Ka Muqadma by Muhammad Hanif Ramay Urdu political Urdu Book PDF download or read online from our website. By writing this book, Hanif Rama has proved that Punjab Dharti is genuinely dead.
The damage caused by Punjabis in the distance and ignorance of Punjabis, which is not only in Punjab but also in Pakistan, has been highlighted. At the same time, he has openly expressed his views on important events that have taken place in the history of Pakistan such as Bangladesh. Such books were needed in this period but today they are inevitable.
I think it is essential for every young person to read this book and the development of Punjab is a must. We need to know ourselves and that is why it is not possible without the proximity of our language and our familiarity with our history. In my poor opinion, it is important to include this book as a reference in the course books in Punjab.
Muhammad Hanif Ramay became a famous politician, writer, poet, and painter. He authored some first-rate books in which this ebook stands first. He provided the case of the most important province of Pakistan. Hanif Ramay replied to the critics who blame the Punjabis for all the evils.
The Urdu e-book Punjab Ka Muqadma Pdf is a political record of Punjab. Muhammad Hanif Ramay is the writer of the book. He discussed the role of Punjab in the politics of Pakistan. He told the character of the Punjabis inside the federation. Hanif Ramay discussed the lifestyles of famous Punjabis who presented their lives for the nation’s glory. Now easily download and get a free pdf file copy from the below links.

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