Psychology Urdu Book Nafsiyaat e Junon by Benard Hart


Psychological Free PDF Book in Urdu 

نفسیات جنون 

برنارڈ ہارٹ 
ترجمہ: عبیدہ زمان

Psychology Urdu book Nafsiyaat-e-Junon written by Benard Hart translation in Urdu by Obaida Zaman. This is a Second Edition of this book, Complete  Psychopathology (nafsiyathi) Urdu book. Find article in this book are: The history of mental disorder, The Psychological conception of mental disorder in Urdu, The phenomena of mental diseases, Dissociation of consciousness, Complexes in brain diseases, Physical Determinism, Conflict (Kashmakash), Repression (Zaini Dabao), Projection, Phantasy (Khayali Dunya), The significance of conflict. Some Mental Disease are Abnormal Psychology, Conscious Process, Day Dreaming, Delusion, Delusion of persecution, Depression, Dissociation, Double personality, Ego, Emotional Dementia, Excitement, Foxe conscious, Hallucination, Hypothesis, Identification, Illusion, Insanity. Read More download Urdu PDF book or read on the internet.

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