The Prophet in Urdu By Khalil Gibran PDF Book Free Download


The Prophet in Urdu By Khalil Gibran

The Prophet in Urdu by Khalil Gibran PDF book Free Download or read online from this ebooks library. The Prophet is written in the poetical style, and it contained the account of a young fellow Mustafa. Khalil Gibran portrayed the rationality of life in the book. He displayed the sentiments and feelings, love, and loathe, delights and distresses, birth and passing in the book. It is evidence of the notoriety of the book that it has sold in excess of ten million duplicates. The book is never out of the print from it kept in touch with now. 

The Urdu book Al-Nabi “The Prophet” is a Urdu interpretation of The Prophet book of Khalil Gibran. The writer of the book was an American author who moved from Lebanon to America. Khalil Jibran was a prominent English author, thinker, artist, and craftsman. He was a writer of numerous books, yet he is best known for his recognized work The Prophet in Urdu. This book is a perfect work of art by Khalil Jibran. Khalil Gibran is acclaimed in Arab with respect to as in West. He had a place with a Christian family. Khalil Gibran impact of the Muslim Sufism. Khalil has progressive thoughts. Hence, his distributions restricted in the Arab nations, however, he generally remained an open figure. The Arabs adored him, and he was one of the top scholars in the Arabic language.

Khalil Gibran PDF Book

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