Preshaniyon Se Nijat Paen by Hafiz Fiazullah Nasir PDF Book


Depression islamic treatment Urdu book Preshaniyon Se Nijat Paen written by Hafiz Fiazullah Nasir PDF Urdu book free download or read online.How about we begin by pointing out some essential contrasts among Depression and Sadness. Basically, pity is an integral part of human life and part of being “human”. It is an ordinary human feeling that pretty much all people involved in various stages in their lives. The Quran, the blessed book of Islam, gives adequate models from the lives of various ambassadors who were the best of every single person that they all experienced torment, enduring and the subsequent bitterness in their lives. From that point of view, we can reason that trouble is “typical”. As indicated by Islamic lessons, God Himself guarantees that it is HE who offers satisfaction and pity. Now read this in Urdu and download the free PDF copy from the below links. You may be read Surah Yasin Se Mushkalat Ka Hal and Masaib O Pareshani Ka Asan Hal.
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