Political Parties of Pakistan Urdu Book By Prof. Muhammad Usman


Political Parties Pakistan Urdu
Free download Urdu book Pakistan Ki Siyasi Jamaitain. There will be many countries in the world where there are only two or three counting political parties, but the number of these parties in Pakistan is in hundreds. Pakistan is a multi-political party country, with a population of around 2500 Some of them are religious and some linguistic parties, and some groups are there without any practical existence. Each of them has its own manifesto and the constitution, according to which they are living their political life. And is participating in the election. The first political party of Pakistan was the Muslim League, whose founder was Qaida leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Counting parties came into existence. The comment titled “Political Parties of Pakistan”, Professor of Prof. Muhammad Usman and Mashood Ashar, in which he has collected the programs of Pakistan’s 16 major political parties and their manifestations here and replaced some kind of change. Not everyone has been able to get information from the manifestations of these parties. This book is a useful book regarding political parties and is the subject of their subject. Students should study it. Now get a pdf file from below links. You may be read Aao Pakistan Lootain by Ashraf Sharif and Pakistan Biradarism Siasat Aur Sarparasti by Anatol Lieven.

پاکستان کی سیاسی جماعتیں

پروفیسر محمد عثمان 

مسعود اشعر

Political Parties Urdu Books

Pakistan Siyasi Jamatian

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