Pet Ke Keedey (Stomach Bugs) by Mohammad Rafique Health Books


پیٹ کے کیڑے 
محمد رفیق اے ایس

Free download or read online Stomach Bugs book in Urdu” Pait Ke Keere ” written by Mohammad Rafique A.S. Stomach bugs (Pait ke Keray) are one of a common problem, especially with kids. There are so many confectionery items which are mainly cause of Stomach bugs. Here is an easy tip book for a treatment of stomach bugs.Something, such as a germ (colloquially a bug), that causes intestinal distress (particularly vomiting). Sometimes incorrectly used to refer to food poisoning.The abdomen “bug” is typically an illness caused by a scourge that spreads from person to person or through food contamination. Symptoms sometimes seem one to two days once exposure. Symptoms area unit usually gentle and typically solely last on a daily basis or 2. you will expertise a number of the subsequent symptoms: stomach upset diarrhea emesis Fever Headache Abdominal cramps. Download book click given below links end of the post.

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