Pet Ke Keedey (Stomach Bugs) by Mohammad Rafique Health Books


پیٹ کے کیڑے 
محمد رفیق اے ایس

Pet Ke Keedey (Stomach Bugs)

Free download or read online Stomach Bugs book in Urdu” Pait Ke Keere ” written by Mohammad Rafique A.S. Stomach bugs (Pait ke Keray) are one of a common problem, especially with kids. There are so many confectionery items which are mainly cause of Stomach bugs. Here is an easy tip book for a treatment of stomach bugs.Something, such as a germ (colloquially a bug), that causes intestinal distress (particularly vomiting). Sometimes incorrectly used to refer to food poisoning.The abdomen “bug” is typically an illness caused by a scourge that spreads from person to person or through food contamination. Symptoms sometimes seem one to two days once exposure. Symptoms area unit usually gentle and typically solely last on a daily basis or 2. you will expertise a number of the subsequent symptoms: stomach upset diarrhea emesis Fever Headache Abdominal cramps. Download book click given below links end of the post.

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