Pendulum Sy Elaj by Dr Chaudhry Muhammad Atif


Treatment Through Pendulum Urdu Book

پنڈولیم سے علاج 
ڈاکٹر چودھری محمد عاطف

Free download Urdu ebook Pendulum Sy Elaj was written by Doctor Chaudry Muhammad Atif Kambowa, Diagnosis or Treatment Through Pendulum, a health informative book in Urdu for doctors, Dispenser, Nurses, paramedical Stap and Unai Harbel homeo practitioner. Read in this book What is Pendulum, types, Methods, Uses, and Benefits? what is Ether? System, Diagram of the Hands Points, General Vitality, The Movements of the Pendulum, Body Points, How to Check Correct Mobile Phone through Pendulum, Medical Radiesthesia, What is Dowsing and Sensory? Science Answer Questions for Students, Herbal and Homeo medicine, about the twelve Biochemic Salts, read a complete book total size 5.7 MB and long as 160 pages.

Treatment Through Pendulum Urdu Book

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