Peetal Ka Ghanta By Qazi Abdul Sattar Free PDF Download

Peetal Ka Ghanta written by Qazi Abdul Sattar free download in PDF format or read online from this ebooks library. This is a fantastic gathering of four stories that distributed the primary aloof magazines. The essayist talked about various social issues in the story. He told the self-centeredness of the network towards the frail section. He remarked on the adjustments in the virtues of society. Qazi Abdul Sattar was a well-known story essayist and top writer of Urdu. He composed numerous phenomenal books, stories, and books distributed in various summaries. In the interim, he earned acclaim for his super hit history stories and histories of the Muslim legends.

پیتل کا گھنٹہ ناول

 قاضی عبدالستار

Qazi Abdul Sattar Novels

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