Payar Ka Pehla Shehr by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

پیار کا پہلا شہر

مستنصر حسين تارڑ

Payar Ka Pehla Shehr by Mustansar Hussain Tarar
Free download or read online Urdu novel book “Payar Ka Pehla Shehr” written By Mustansar Hussain Tarar .”Pyar ka Pehla Sheher” is a standout amongst the most intriguing sentimental Novels. It is an anecdote about immaculate and blameless adoration. The creator tries to portray two focuses through this novel. First and foremost, anybody can become hopelessly enamored since it is the custom of everybody. Love has never saved itself for wonderful or physically fit individuals rather everybody experiences passionate feelings once or ordinarily in their life. It simply happens and sees no limit, nation, nationality and so forth. Second, in today’s reality we characterize a debilitation individual as “an individual who is either physically or rationally unfit”, though in creator’s perspective everybody whether he/she understand it or not eventually in their life get to be impair. We all longing to form the life in our own particular way yet more often than not obligations, for example, society, destitution, hunger, family, instruction, work and so on make us disable and we are certain to settle on the intense and undesirable choices. It is an anecdote around a Pakistani visitor “Sunan”, who on thusly to France meets “Paskal”, an impairment (faltering) yet lovely French young person. Paskal is by all accounts in the unpredictable of sub-par quality because of her incapacity to legitimately walk. Sunan chooses to go through at some point with Paskal and help her in returning to the ordinary life once more. They get to know one another and soon they both understand that they are profoundly infatuated with one another. Paskal on getting the intimate romance gets to be prepared to relinquish everything for Sunan and now Sunan because of the social and social obligations needs to settle on a choice.To figure out whether Sunan weds Paskal or not, read and revel in the novel. 


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