Patras Ke Mazameen PDF Download Free Book by Ahmad Bukhari

Patras Ke Mazameen PDF is a book written by Syed Ahmad Shah Bukhari. There are 11 articles that contain information about social issues. His writing style is excellent and humorous. For this reason, readers do not get bored while reading these articles. All the material in the book is written in the style of prose. Syed Ahmad Shah is known as Patras Bukhari. He is a well-known comedian, broadcaster, and author. He has rendered many important services to Pakistan, including being Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

Patras Ke Mazameen PDF free urdu book

Details of Patras Ke Mazameen PDF:

No. of Volumes: 1

Author Name: Syed Ahmad Shah (Patras Bukhari)

Category:  Tanz o Mazah, Comedy Books

Number of pages: 155

Publisher: Maktabah Jamia Limited

Language: Urdu

PDF File Size: 9.3 MB

Patras PDF Book Name: Patras Ke Mazameen Urdu

A few words about the Publisher Maktabah Jamia Limited:

The institute has published hundreds of books by authoritative authors of Urdu language and literature. Published low-cost books for children textbooks and standard series of short books for students. The preparation of these comprehensive books has been a useful and popular project of this institution. There was a stalemate in the publishing program for a few years. Due to this, the publication of the major books was also postponed. But now the ice has melted and the school’s rare books have been republished. Patras Ke Mazameen PDF is a link to the series.

Some thoughts of the author Patras Bukhari:

If anyone has given you this book for free then he does me a favor. If you steal from somewhere, I appreciate your taste. I sympathize with you if you have bought it with your own money. Now it is better for you to justify your folly by considering Mazameen’s book good.

Everyone in these articles is imaginary. You understand this point well, but there are many readers who have never read a book before. What is the harm if their misunderstanding is removed?

Anyone who wants to translate this PDF Urdu book into a foreign language should first get permission from the people of this country.

“Words by Patras Bukhari, the author for the book”.

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