Pashtun History Pathan Borderland in Urdu Prof Anwar Roman Book

Pashtun History Urdu Book

Pashtono Ki Tarekh This is Urdu translation book of Pathan borderland is written by James W.Spain and translated into the Urdu language by Prof Muhammad Anwar Roman. This Urdu book is about the history of Pashtuns and Afghanies and provides a good history. It’s exemplary in view of its rich composition style. It conveys an admired quintessence of 1960’s post pilgrim NWFP(now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). It’s a commendable perused in light of James Spain’s receptive outlook and open heart towards venturing out to remote grounds. His energy for understanding diverse people groups and receptiveness to culture can be felt in perusing his book. James William Spain was in the US Foreign Service with postings in Karachi, Islamabad, Istanbul, Ankara, Dar Es Salaam, and Colombo and four ambassadorships in Tanzania, Turkey, the United Nations (as appointee changeless agent), and Sri Lanka. Now download Urdu version of this book from the end of this article in pdf format. You may be read Pushto Urdu Bol Chal Language Learning book and Inpage for Pashto, Sindhi, Arabic, Farsi, Kashmiri and English Languages.

پشتونوں کی تاریخ

Pashtono Ki Tarekh

Pashtun History book urdu
Pashtun History


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