Pase Diwar E Zindan By Agha Shorish Kashmiri Books PDF Download


Political History Urdu Free PDF Book Download

پس دیوارزنداں 

 شورش کاشمیری

This is political and historical Urdu Ebook. Pase Diwar E Zindan (Living in Jail) written By Agha Shorish Kashmiri Free download. Shorish Kashmiri Books in PDF here or read online.  Agha Shrestha Kashmiri was the leading poet, journalist, politician and Bachchan Pyaib of Pakistan. Aga Shrestha Kashmiri was born in Lahore on 14th August 1917. Your original name was Abdul Karim, but Agha was famous by the name of Kashishari. An Agha Shrestha Kashmari was a combination of attributes. He was the ruler of the four fields of journalism. Now this book complete story of Pakistan or story of the independent day of Pakistan. you may be read Do Qaumi Nazria and Pakistan Aik Piyaz Do Rotiyan.                                                 

Shorish kashmiri books
agha shorish kashmiri books pdf

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