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سیدابوالاعلی مودودی

Free download pdf copy best selling and very famous Islamic Urdu Book of Woman Parda written by Syed Abu Ala Maudoodi R. A published by Islamic Publication Lahore Pakistan. This literature is also published in Tarjuman ul Quran magazine in many episodes. Read this book about Women in Islam and different civilizations, culture and society author write the brief history of woman and family system. Rulings for women, dress code and Historic view of women problems and difficulties and the rights of women in Islam. Syed Abu Ala Maudoodi most famous Islamic scholar he writes many Islamic books in Urdu and translated into many languages published in the worldwide he author of bestselling books now download or read online from this online library. This book as long as 361 pages and pdf file size 4.9 MB. You may study Safarnama Arazul Quran and Khilafat o Malookiat.

The following Urdu topics in this book 

  • Aurat Mukhtalaf Adwar Main  (Woman in Different Civilization) 
  • Daor e Jadeed Ka Musalman  (Modern Muslim)
  • Nazariath (Theories) 
  • Result (Nataij)
  • Chand Aim Misalain (Some Common Examples) 
  • Fiasla Kun Sawal
  • Qawaneen Fitrat (Natural Laws)
  • Insani Galtian (Human Mistakes)
  • Islamic Society System
  • Pardah Ke Ahkam 
  • Bahir Nikalne Qawaneen (Islamic Law for Women traveling)
  • Hijab The history of a woman in Islam and Different Civilization 

Right of Woman in Islam and Other Civilization and Society

The writer says about this book in the first Edition: 
I wrote articles on Islamic Hijab Prada Issues four years ago, Published in Tarjumanul Quran at the time both talking subjects was ignored. Because I wanted just write an article.Now, these articles are being published in a booklet. You will find trustworthy content and arguments in this book.

Transaltion in Roman Urdu:

Parday ke masle par ab se char sal phele me ne aik sisila mazamin lika ta jo “Tarjuman ul Quan” ke Kahe shumaroon me shaya huwa tha. Us waqt bes ke baz  goshe qasadan nazar andaz kar deye gahe thy. Kyun k Kitab bajae mehz aik mazmoon likna tha. Ab in mazameen ko yakja kar ke aik kitabi shakal me publish kya ja raha hay. aap is kutub me ahtmad bakhsh mawad aur dalael pahe gain.  

Syed Abul Ala Maududi

Islamic Hijab Books

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