Pakistan Main Nizam E Khilafat Kia Kyun Aur Kese by Israr Ahmed


Pakistan Main Nizam E Khilafat Kia Kyun Aur Kese (Khilafah in Pakistan, What Why and How?) was written by Dr Israr Ahmed. A collection of two articles. The Constitutional and Legislative Framework of the System of KHILAFAH in Modern Times. Appendix (Proposed Amendments in the Present Constitution). The book about Islamic Sharee law in Pakistan. A written statement was given by Dr Israr Ahmad on September 1991 in a Press Conference at the Karachi Press Club. With this statement, the movement of Tehreek-e-Khilafat was launched in Pakistan. Penned down ten years ago, this statement is now a historical document serving as the manifesto of the Tehreek. Free download Islamic Law book in Urdu in PDF or read online. Best Islami literature available here.  
Israr Ahmed books

 Dr Israr Ahmed books

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