Pakistan Kyun Toota by Safdar Mahmood Political History PDF Book


Pakistan Kyun Toota was written by Safdar Mahmood Urdu PDF Book free download or read online. This Urdu book is a past filled with Pakistan. The author talked about the purposes behind the partition of East Pakistan and Dhaka fall. And He talked about the purposes for the division of the Eastern piece of Pakistan and the formation of another nation Bangladesh. He clarified the explanations behind Dhaka fall too He clarified the job of Mujib, Bhutto, and Yahya Khan in the military task. Dr Safdar Mehmood is a well-known student of history, researcher, editorialist, and essayist. He composed some most loved books on the historical backdrop of Pakistan. Safdar Mehmood books utilized for the references. This is a Pakistan political history book in Urdu.

پاکستان کیوں ٹوٹا

Pakistan Political History

Pakistan History Urdu

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