Pakistan Ki Jang by Muhammad Akhtar & Tanveer Mirza Free Urdu Book


پاکستان کی جنگ 
ترجمہ : تنویر اقبال ۔ محمد اختر

A collection of Urdu Articles about Pakistan Wars. Free download or read Online Urdu translated book “Pakistan Ki Jang” translate by Tanvir Iqbal and Muhammad Akhter. An Urdu Translation Book of  Battle for Pakistan.Few places within the world have assumed the maximum amount importance for u. s. and its allies since 2001 as Pakistan’s northwestern social group regions, that have served as a base for the combo of militants seeking to attack the governments, militaries, and civilians of u. s., Asian nation, Pakistan, and others. in precisely over 1/2 the intense plots against the West since 2004, alleged militants received coaching at camps in the Asian nation. On Gregorian calendar month nineteen, 2010, the New America Foundation’s strategy Strategy Initiative and policy magazine hosted a happening for the launch of a novel series of policy papers, ‘The Battle for Asian nation,’ written by native Pakistani researchers and different specialists on politics and combativeness in Pakistan’s social group areas. On Sep fourteen, 2010, New America discharged 3 a lot of papers within the ‘Battle for Pakistan’ and launched the ‘Battle for Afghanistan’ series.

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