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پگلی ناول

 شوکت تھانوی

Pagli Urdu novel download in PDF or read online written by Pakistani famous novels writer Shaukat Thanvi. Get Kitab and Urdu literature for this online free library. Pagli is a romantic and social Novel in local Urdu language. The novel which depicts the genuine story (Kahani) from our society and life. The creator gave a realistic view of our general public in this story. He examined the different difficulties and issues. Shaukat Thanvi Authored many Urdu books he was famous for his amusingness and presentation of clever characters. he also writes short novels or novelist and Funny stories in Urdu. Now get PDF copy of this book along total 96 pages and file size 8.6 MB. You can also visit Shaukat Thanvi books Hamzulf  and Sanch Ko Aanch.     

Shaukat thanvi books
Shaukat Thanvi novels

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