Oil Seeds Cultivation Booklet in Urdu


روغنی اجناس کی کاشت
Free Download small booklet “Oil Seeds Cultivation booklet in Urdu” rogani Ajannas ki Kasht .Many seed crops ar full-grown in Pakistan (Table 1) as a supply of oil. These crops ar sorted in 2 classes viz. standard and non-conventional seed crops. Rapeseed-mustard, groundnut and Sesamum indicum ar standard crops and are being full-grown within the country for a protracted amount. Sunflower, soybean and herb ar non-conventional crops and leave been introduced recently within the country. There also are some seed crops, that are in the main used for industrial functions, like oilseed and castor. Presently, native production of oilseeds meets solely regarding thirty-second p.c of the entire country’s necessities for edible oil. The main supply of native edible drilling is oilseed. Cotton, primarily full-grown, for its fiber, contributes regarding seventy-two p.c towards the entire domestic edible drilling and so is a crucial seed crop in Pakistan. Rapeseed-mustard crops ar full-grown on an outsized space, contribute on a median, regarding twenty-one p.c within the edible drilling but, its oil isn’t employed in the manufacture of vegetable drawn butter (hydrogenated oil in semi-solid form) because it contains high levels of erucic acid and traces of sulphur compounds (glucosinolates). Its oil is generally employed in pickles, deep cooking, coating body, as toiletries etc. Groundnut, that is that the second massive seed crop of the country, is employed as cooked wacky and in confectionery product and nearly no oil is extracted from it. alternative crops like Sesamum indicum helianthus, soybean and herb all at once contribute solely regarding. 5-6 p.c within the native edible drilling.this booklet transfer to your PC from given below link at the end of a post

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