Nur Mahal Urdu By Harold Lamb Free Download PDF History Book

Noor Mehal Urdu was written by Harold Lamb and translated in the Urdu language by Ibrahim Khan. Free download PDF History book. This is an Urdu translation of the famous English book composed of a very popular writer. Nur Mahal novel The True Story of Two Great Asiatic Lovers, Jahangir, tyrant of the most extravagant court on the planet, and Nur Mahal, the excellent Persian young lady, who managed the realm for him. This is an amazing novel and life story of Malika Noor Jahan. Harold Lamb is the creator of the English release which is converted into Urdu later. Noor Jahan was the ruler and spouse of Noor Ud Din Jahangir. She was an influential lady in India amid her time. Harold Lamb was the best English author, history specialist, and writer. He created numerous super hit books and books which converted into alternate dialects. He got popularity for his history and memoirs books. The writer composes it just as can be known. Luckily, he read antiquated Persian so close to depending on interpreted sources he could do some exploration himself on a portion of the sources saved from her counterparts and her better half the head additionally referenced her a considerable amount amid the most recent long stretches of his reign in his diary. Now get pdf of this book from the below links
Noor Mehal Urdu

Noor Mehal Urdu book pdf

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