Nikah Ki Chand Baatein By Mufti Abdul Rauf Sakharvi

Nikah Ki Chand Baatein by Mufti Abdur Rauf Sakkharvi r.a. PDF download Islamic Urdu book or read online. Hazrat Maulana Mufti Abdul Raouf Sukhravi’s book “Islamic Rulings of Marriage” sheds light on some important aspects of marriage, some of which are: Marriage is a form of worship: And marriage is a form of worship in which the pleasure of Allah is obtained is by marriage, a person’s desires and lusts are kept under control and he starts walking on the right path.
Every Muslim man and woman if they are able to marry. Marriage increases a person’s honor and dignity and enables him to lead a fulfilling life. Prerequisites for marriage: There are certain prerequisites for marriage, including the consent of both parties, being of age, of sound mind, free, and capable of marriage. Rituals of Nikah: There are some rituals of Nikah, which include applying for Nikah, signing the Nikah contract, performing the Nikah ceremony, and setting the Nikah seal.
Responsibilities after Marriage: After marriage, both the husband and the wife have rights and responsibilities towards each other. The husband must protect and care for the wife, and the wife must obey the husband. Marriage is an important act of worship, which brings many benefits in a person’s life. All these things should be taken into consideration before getting married so that marriage can be the beginning of a successful and happy life.
In his statement, Mufti Abdul Raouf Sukhravi said some more important things about marriage, some of which are as follows. Both parties must have religious knowledge and morals. This will bring peace and contentment in married life. The consent of families is also necessary for marriage. This can avoid many problems in married life.
After marriage, both husband and wife should respect each other. This will keep the love and affection in the married life. This statement of Mufti Abdul Raouf Sukhravi Sahib is an important guide regarding marriage, from which misunderstandings and myths related to marriage can be removed.


نکاح کی چند باتیں

مفتی عبدالرﺅف سکھروی



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