Nigi Zindagi Ki Tareekh by Dr. Mubarak Ali Personal Life History

نجی زندگی کی تاریخ
ڈاکٹر مبارک علی
Nigi Zindagi Ki Tareekh

Download PDF copy Urdu history book Niji Zindagi Ki Tareekh means the history of personal life theory in Urdu book, author of this book is dr. Mubarak Ali, who is famous historian writer he composed many books about history, read history about a theory of privet life and personal life, difference our thinking today and tomorrow, today many people do not want any other person interference in my life. People separate personal or privet life to public life. The author show history of social public life with Picture, arts, samples, writing, painting and religious information author say social history Explanation never complete without complete information about any social and cultural history. Different civilization has different social and culture but personal life theory not natural, personal life difference in western culture and eastern culture. Read online this eBook in Urdu language or download in PDF format, in this literature total eight chapters and with 131 pages and file 1.8 MB. You can also read Almiya Tareekh and Mughal Darbar.
The following bellow Urdu content Chapters in the book:
  • Deebacha aur Taruf
  • Ibtadhi Roomi Ahed 
  • Akhri Roomi Ehd aur Essayiat
  • Qaron e Wasta ka zaman
  • France Ahed Wasta Main
  • Nishat e Sania
  • Roshan khayali ka zamana
  • French Inqalab aur jadeed Ehd
  • Maujada Zamana

The History of Personal Life Theory in Urdu Book Pages:

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