NGO Ahdaf Tarjihat Aur Maqasad By Anwar Hashmi


NGO Ahdaf Tarjihat Aur Maqasad by Anwar Hashmi.The Untold Story of NGO’s. In modern times, NGOs have taken on greater importance. They have been established in every society. Too many civil societies try to organize through them. To be clear, NGOs are not bad in themselves. Their basic goals are good. Due to the increasing population of the world, problems related to health, education, poverty and social awareness have become widespread. It is not possible for the governments to address these issues at the official level. Against this background, the trend of setting up NGOs is nothing short of a good mission, but these good missions become a punishment for society when the hidden goals behind their outward goals also come to fruition. These NGOs are funded by donors and donor agencies of developed countries. With the assistance, NGOs began to export their missionary, religious, economic, geographical and other secret purposes. It is a fact that donor countries consist mostly of non-Muslim Western countries. Therefore, the victims of these specific goals and objectives are mostly Muslim countries of the third world. The book underlines the facts behind these NGOs. Which is a complete document on this topic.
این جی اوز اہداف ، ترجیحات اور مقاصد

انوار ہاشمی

NGO Story in Urdu

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