Nawab Mustafa Khan Shefta Hajj Travel Story


Shefta Ka Safar Nama Hajj PDF Download

سفر نامہ حجاز۔ نواب مصطفیٰ خاں شیفتہ

Download Hajj travel story in Urdu of Nawab Mustafa Khan Shefta ka Safar Nama e Hajj or Safanama Hijjaz Publish by Siddique Trust nazd Lasbela chowk Karachi and this hajj Urdu article also published in Monthly Qaumi Digest march 97 edition Lahore.Travel Start from Dehli India (Hindustan) on 2 March 1839 Monday. Majid Haram me hazri, Hajje Bait ul Allah, Madina Tayyeba ko Rawangi, Travel from Ship. Read more download this pdf file for offline reading or read online.

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