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Nader Shah Afshar Urdu novel was written by Aslam Rahi M.A Novel free download or read online. Nadir Shah was the leader of Afghanistan. He attacked India amid the season of Sultan Muhammad Shah. The troops of Nadir Shah ravaged and plundered Delhi for a long time. The book is a life story of Nadir Shah, who turned into a lord from Shepherd. Nader Shah or King Nader (1688-1747), the originator of Afsharid Dynasty, a puzzling figure in Iranian history ruled from 1736 – 1747 A.D. Nader Shah, or Nader Qoli Beg was conceived in Kobhan, Iran, on October 22, 1688, into one of the Turkish clans faithful to the Safavid shahs of Iran. He was the child of a poor worker, who lived in Khorasan and passed on while Nader was as yet a tyke. Nader and his mom were taken away as slaves by the Ozbegs, yet after the death of his mom in bondage Nader figured out how to escape and turned into a fighter. Before long he pulled in the consideration of a chieftain of the Afshar in whose administration Nader quickly progressed. In the long run, the goal-oriented Nader dropped out of support. He turned into a radical and accumulated a significant armed force. Now download this history book in Urdu from the end of this post.

Nader Shah Afshar
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