Mustaqbil Ki Jangian Translate by Hameed Akhter


War and Anti War by Alvin and Heidi Toffler In Urdu

مستقبل کی جنگیں اور ان کا تدارک
 حمید اختر

Mustaqbil ki Jungian Aur Un Ka Tadaruk (Futures War) this is Urdu Translation book of War and Anti-War written by Alvin and Heidi Toffler and Translate into the Urdu language by Hameed Akhter. By using describing the horrifying realities of future war, the authors offer revolutionary techniques for implementing future peace.writer Offer fascinating insight into cutting-edge navy conflicts–and an eye fixed-opening portrait of the battles of the long run. Read now in Urdu or download 27 MB PDF file  size for free download and total 341 pages.

Mustaqbil Ki Jangain Traslate by Hameed Akhter

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