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Mushaf Novel Nimra Ahmed
Mushaf Novel by Nimra Ahmed free download PDF copy or read online. Famous Urdu novels and books by Famous Urdu writer Niram Ahmed. An Urdu novel about a defenseless vagrant young lady who finds the genuine significance of the blessed Quran which encourages her to adapt to the notions of her hopeless life. It showed up in March and August 2011 in Khawateen Urdu Digest.The story features the significance of not simply perusing the Holy Quran but rather understanding what is being said and why. It urges and moves one to go past simply negligible interpretation of the sacred book and read it in its own particular dialect in which it was composed. The story revolves around Mehmil Ibrahim who lost her father when she was young and living in misery with her mother in her uncles’ house. She is mistreated and subjected to all sorts of verbal abuse. Her only salvation is found within patience, determination and hopes that the Book of Allah inspires in her life and then she turns things for herself by the decisions she then takes. The clarification of Quranic Ayats, the essentialness of being honest, the devastating weight of being sacrificial giver…. gracious that is insufficient the amount you can gain from this novel. 
This Novel has shown us how to peruse Quran and comprehends it in the middle of lines. We never thought of Quran ‘Talking’ to us previously, yet now we realize that Allah gives us little flags as Ayaah everytime we influenced far from the straight way. We cherish the principle idea and how such an astounding message is joined with the life of an ordinary individual.It was excellent and this book rises above the typical anecdotal stuff we read since it clarifies the spiritual motivation behind our life. It is such a balanced book mashaaAllah and totally covers all that you may have experienced or ever pondered about. In spite of the fact that on occasion. This novel is a brilliant update and knowledge on how we Muslims are intended to interface and utilize our Holy Book, something the majority of us have never been shown growing up. It goes past simply discussing and understanding the verses, it’s tied in with imparting to the One we have a place with. One thing that I genuinely realized through this book is the way we frequently say that whatever is going on in our life. You may be read  Jannat K Pattay pdf and Namal Novel.

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