Musalmanon Ka Hazar Sala Urooj History Of Muslims by Arshad Javed


Political, Scientific, Medical and Educational of Muslims History in Urdu

مسلمانوں کا ہزار سالہ عروج 

(سیاسی، سائنسی، طبی، علمی)
پروفیسر ارشد جاوید
Free download very knowledgeful book Muslim History in Urdu Musalmanon Ka Hazar Sala Urooj (Muslims millennial rise) Thousand years history of Muslims written by Pakistani hypnotist, physiotherapist and Hypnotherapist Pro Arshad Javed Study about Muslim Political, Science, Medical and Educational History of Islamic golden age and rule of Muslim Scientists teachers and philosopher (Musalamu KI Siyasi, Science Tibbi Aur Elmi Daur ya Tareekh, wo Daor ab bhi aasakta hay) read History (Tarikh) of Muslims and the history of Islamic civilization in Urdu.
Muslims of the thousand-year reign in the scientific, political, medical and scientific as the guide in the field and gave new rare gifts of wisdom and knowledge. Science is considered the religion of competitors. But this is a misunderstanding. Both the scope is different, as the affirmation of human dignity and the protection of religion. He is the perfect model, these things are not in the scope of science, nor any major the scientist person deserves to be called perfect.Similar to an imaginary conflict of religion and science based. Religion, not bases on sense, logic, and philosophy and do not have much faith in seeing the unseen madness but not be limited to any particular part of knowledge, but a gathering of all studies matrices given in the Quran, and is the foundation of all knowledge come as a surprise to them. The Muslims from the Think about objects and wisdom Genesis thinking and wisdom and bring numerous scientific discoveries date in a number of Muslim meet the scientists, who now has invented new things in the world of Islam and Muslims illuminated.
The comments book “Muslims millennial rise (political, scientific, medical, educational)” by Dear Sir MA Psychology Professor Arshad Javed USA. That was carried by his thousand-year history of the rise of Muslims detailed services, and it is proved that the main point of Muslims in the golden era numerous studies and invent new things invented among numerous that it could be golden again Inshallah. You may be read Tareekh Alam Isalm and Tarikh Daulat-e-Usmania.
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