Mukat By Rabindranath Tagore Urdu Translation PDF Book

Mukat By Rabindranath Tagore
Mukat has written by Dr Rabindranath Tagore Urdu Translation by Shanti Narain Shad. Free download or read online short stories Urdu Afsanay book form this blog. This is old Indian and Pakistan Urdu book. Mukta-Dhara is one of the perfect works of art of Rabindranath Tagore. The play is the most well known and symbolical of all the plays of Tagore. The play takes its name from mountain stream name Mukta-Dhara, which truly implies a free-current, it is a mountains spring, its waters surge down the slants of Uttarakut and flood the fields of Shiva-Tarai. The show is loaded with proposals not only on current governmental issues but rather on numerous different issues that disclose the advanced world. It centres around the issues like the abuse of science by man, the frantic quest for joy and the love of machine, race pride and race bias. Now download Urdu version from the end of the post. You may be read History of Ancient India in Urdu by Rama Shanker Tripathi and Omar e Rafta by Sahib Zada Maqsood Ul Rasool.
Mukat By Tagore

Mukat Rabindranath Tagore

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