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Aslam Rahi MA has written Muhammad Bin Qasim PDF which is the biography of this great commander and you can download it for free. The author narrates all the events in a very interesting way in the form of a story. Hajjaj bin Yousuf had sent him to conquer Sindh. Muhammad ibn Qasim also seemed to be the nephew of Hajjaj ibn Yousuf. It is said that he was the great commander who founded Islam in the subcontinent.

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PDF Book Name: Muhammad Bin Qasim Urdu

No. of Volumes: 1

Author Name: Aslam Rahi MA

Category: History Books, Biography, Islamic History,

Number of pages: 63

Language: Urdu

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Ibn Qasim’s arrival in the subcontinent:

Muhammad bin Qasim came to Sindh with a small army when he was only 17 years old. He stayed in Sindh for only three and a half years. In this short period, bin Qasim conquered the whole of Sindh and annexed it to the Islamic State. He laid the foundation of a justice system in Sindh. He was an ascetic whose courage, bravery, justice, and selflessness were admired by the enemies. His wisdom, prudence, and tolerance were spread in all his conquered territories.

The main reasons for the conquest of Sindh:

Muhammad Bin Qasim was born in 694 AD in the area of ​​Taif. His father’s name was Qasim. At that time the center of the Muslims was in Damascus. The Muslims had conquered Iran under the caliphate of Walid bin Abdul Malik. Iran’s borders were with Sindh. The caliph of the time did not want any interruption in his conquests. Anti-Muslim people in Iran took refuge in Sindh. Because Muslims were becoming more successful and dominant in Iran. Gradually all the anti-Muslim people gathered in Sindh and Sindh became their center.

The conquest of Raja Dahar in Sindh:

Sindh at that time was ruled by Raja Dahar. He was trying to keep the government of Sindh intact. So he provided military assistance to the Iranians wherever possible. Iran was defeated and at the same time, Raja Dahir annexed some areas which were original to Iran. These areas include Balochistan and Kerman. All these things were ignored by the Muslims but Raja Dahar continued to take such steps. Muslims were even forced to invade Sindh.

Muhammad bin Qasim march to Sindh:

To solve this problem, Governor Hajjaj bin Yousuf sent his nephew to Sindh. This great leader started a great series of conquests in Sindh. Read this book to know more about it.

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