Muhajir Urdu Novel by Rizwan Ali Ghuman Refugee Travel Story PDF


 رضوان علی گھمن

Muhajir is the Illegal travel story of a Pakistani boy who want the cross the border without a visa and passport any legal papers he travels for work and finds a new job for making future life in Greece and America county, he travels from Pakistan Iran Turkey and Greece, he travels trough tanker and sometimes walking. Muhajir novel – No One Illegal, this is a part 1 and the part 2 published with name Dosra Khuda written by Mr. Rizwan Ali Ghuman. Now, this is a Part 1 novel of Doosra Khuda. Easy download pdf or read online, Now Mohajir the author of this book now living in Germany this is a true life experience by the story composer Rizwan Ali Ghuman, this is first story or book but very attractive for all Urdu novels reader. and you also find out refugees meaning in Urdu. This is also lessoned able story for Pakistani younger whose want to travel illegally or cross the border for work and job in Europe or western countries. This Story is in Urdu Pakistani language story around the illegal immigrants, the story of Pakistani hopeful boy who want the job in USA America without immigration and legal documents for passport and travel docs. Gair Qanooni Tareeke se Masqat Dubi Unan aur Germany jane wale Tariqeen e Watan ki Kahani. This is also background story of the true love of Nakam Asiq means unsuccessful in love.  Total 213 pages and pdf file size 4 MB.  You may be read Faiz-e-Ishq by Amjad Javed.

Illegal immigrants to USA Travel Story from Pakistan to Iran, Turkey, Greece In Urdu Book:

The Illegal travel story or Safarnama of Pakistani guy who crosses the border without visa and passport any legal papers for work and finding a job in the USA.  the tow sample pages are below. you can also know this novel name Muhajir Part 2.
Safar nama Urdu Book

Refugee Travel Story urdu
Doosra Khuda Part 2

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