Mout Ka Manzar by Khawaja Muhammad Islam


موت کا منظر

خواجہ محمد اسلام

Free download or read online Urdu book “Mout ka Manzar ” written By  Khawaja Muhammad Islam.Many capacities discussed in this small, hardback book from India; anniversary affair is about 1 page in length. Topics: Burial of asleep bodies; Description of the grave and the burial; Visiting the graves; Conditions of ‘Barzakh’, Horrors of the grave; Torments in the grave; how Angel of Death visits anniversary abode daily; errors in speaking ill of the aboriginal two caliphs; Angels at the time of death; fighter martyrs; the Day of Resurrection; Weighing of Deeds; Zakat; assorted punishments for those who breach Allah’s directives; Descriptions of Hell, Rage and Fury of Hell; Food and Drink in Hell; Some prayers to Shun Hell; Glimpses of Paradise; Virility of the Man of Paradise; Women of Paradise; appropriate prayers of the Houris; Adultery; Sodomist is cursed; How Jews created Arabian merchants and buyers. While the columnist quotes from passages from: Abu Dawud, Abu Naim, Bukhari, Dar Qutni, Ibn Asakar, Ibn Kathir, Ibn Majah, Mishkat, Muslim, Rashfatual Sawi, Surah Ahzab, Tarhib, Targhib, & Tirmidhi, and others, the columnist does not account any specific numbered capacity or paragraphs from any of the sources. One is larboard apprehensive which quotes are real, against something maybe distantly remembered by the columnist — but he couldn’t locate a specific antecedent for the quotation. Due to the abridgement of any specific antecedent citation, I amount the amount of this book actual low.

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