Morning and Evening Duas (Prayers) Book in PDF


Islamic Duas in English by Muhammad Akhter 

 Free Download Morning and Evening Duas (Prayers) Book in English PDF format. written by Hakeem Muhammad Akhter Sahab. Read in This booklet about Protection from the Evil of All Creations, Surah Al-Falaq, Surah Ikhlaas and Al-Nas with English meaning and translation, Salvation from the Worries of Both Worlds, The Last Verses of Surah Hashr, Protection from the Calamities of Earth and Sky, Pray and Dua For Protection of One’s Religion, Life, Offspring, Family and Wealth, Protection from Insanity, Leprosy, White Liver and Paralysis, Protection from All Fatal Diseases, Dua for Increasing the Gardens of Jannah, Salaatan Tunjina, Protection from Black Magic, Protection from Evil Destiny and Difficulties, Dua for Guidance and Protection from the Evil of One’s Nafs (InnerSelf), Dua for Deliverance from Shirk(Assigning Partner with Allah Ta’ala), Dua for the Fulfillment of Debts and Removal of Grief and Sorrow, Dua for Continuous Wellbeing and Retaining Of the Favors of Allah and read more Dua download complete book in PDF.
Morning and Evening Duas by Muhammad Akhter

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