Mominon Ki Zahanat Kay Qissay By Shaykh Ibrahim PDF Book


Mominon Ki Zahanat Kay Qissay by Shaykh Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Hazmi.The story of Momineen in Urdu. Ibraheem Bin Abdullah Hazmi who might be an Islamic researcher from the Arab world. The book was first distributed in the Arabic language. Mominon Kay Zahanat Kay Qissay Urdu book is converted into the Urdu language by Maulana Mohammad Asghar who is an Islamic researcher. The credit of this book goes to Maulana Mohammad Asghar who endeavoured to decipher Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Hazmi’s book into the Urdu language. Mominon Kay Zahanat Ka Qissay or Mominon Ki Zahanat Kay Qissay is the title name of this book which means the narratives of the Intelligence of genuine devotees. The creator Ibrahim Bin Abdullah Hazmi gathered the knowledge related accounts of the various prophets and their buddies in an excellent manner. He has likewise composed the meaning of knowledge and its various kinds. The creator has likewise portrayed the knowledge accounts of Muslims ladies also. So also, the creator has additionally portrayed the narratives of Intelligent Muslim kids. Mormino Ki Zahanat Kay Qissay is an astounding Urdu book with a great deal of helpful information inside it.

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