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محیط  اردو شاعری  کی کتاب

احمد ندیم قاسمی

Moheet Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi

Moheet was written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi read in this Urdu literature of most famous Shayari of best writer and Poet. The Poetry or ghazal collection of Ahmad Nadim Qasmi, which was first published in 1976. Qasim Sahib was awarded Adam Prize for the second time. For the first time, the prize segmentation collection was given to ‘Dasht e Wafa’. selected poetry or Shayari Urdu books free download in PDF format or read online, this a is a famous collection of Urdu Gazals, Ashar or poetries, Rubaiyat and Qatahat of most popular poet Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi who is famous Pakistani poet and he also writes many Urdu novel s,  Afsanay and short stories and Shayari books. This book as long as 408 pages and pdf file size 3.9 MB. published by Asateer temple Road Lahore. we hope you like this and share this post with friends you may read more Ashar or Shayari book in Urdu  Bagolay and Dar O Deewar.

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi Poetry Book PDF Download:

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi genuine name was Ahmad Shah Awan was an Urdu and English dialect Pakistani artist, columnist, scholarly faultfinder, writer and Urdu short story creator. He composed 50 books on subjects, for example, verse, fiction, feedback, news coverage, and workmanship, and was a noteworthy figure in contemporary Urdu writing. His verse was recognized by its humanism, and his Urdu Afsanay or novelette (short stories) are viewed as second just to Prem Chand in its portrayal of country culture. He was likewise supervisor and distributor of the abstract magazine Funoon for 50 years. now download pdf or read online this Sher O Shayari book is in the Urdu language.

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi Poetry

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi Shayari

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